A summary of Charles's most prominent recent projects as a freelance actor.

LEATHER (2019)

Directed by Ilaria Pittaluga

Shot on Super 8 for the Straight 8 Competition. A girl forgets her leather jacket after a one night stand. When she goes to get it back it is gone! Who took it? Will she find it again? And who will she meet on het quest?



Directed by Helen Anna Flanagan

a short film that uses the location of a launderette to focus on cyclical systems, cycles and feedback loops — looking in depth at the characters who make up a ‘social fabric’ and to think about how they are regulated or metabolised.

Screenshot 2019-11-15 at 18.34.02.png

SNOO:OOZE (2019)

Directed by Vincent Somers

Leo is a chronic oversleeper with a wild imagination. His smartphone, which he uses as an alarm clock, gets fed up with the abuse of constant snoozing. The smartphone changes into human form and confronts Leo with his deepest, darkest demons. Will Leo learn from this encounter and grow as a person, or keep sleeping away his precious life?



Directed by Michaël Vermaercke

Two people on a date are being disturbed by an unusual enemy.



Directed by Michaël Vermaercke

Memento Mori is about a girl who's stuck in a dream circle, reliving key moments of a traumatic event. What happened to her? And will she survive this nightmare before time runs out?


BROER (2015)

Direct by Servaes Dewispelaere

A dramatic short about a boy and his adopted brother, their relationship and the consequences in their love lives.